Custom Artwork & Digital Illustration

Custom Artwork & Digital Illustration

Our Custom Artwork will help you to:


  • Dramatically increase attendance
  • Raise profit margins
  • Improve your visibility, credibility and public image
  • Attract extremely supportive big name corporate sponsors
  • Increase merchandise and t-shirt sales
  • Outpace your competition, including other Halloween events, movie theaters, concerts, etc.
  • Heighten the perceived value of your entertainment
  • Precondition your customers for FRIGHTS!


Profit with proven results from the most reputable and experienced company in the field. Don't gamble with your public image. It's a critical decision that will directly effect the future success and viability of your event ... and you just don't get a second chance to make that all important first impression. Let the professionals at Brainstorm Design Group help you ensure that it's memorable with advertising artwork and branding guaranteed to impress.


Whether its characters or backgrounds, if you can imagine it, we can create it. We'll work closely with you to design an amazing character that represents your event exactly the way you want, with just the right level of "scariness" to suite your marketing strategy. Or we can apply our magic to one of your existing characters and transform it into the centerpiece of your event and its promotions.


From threatening graveyards to apocalyptic cities, our backgrounds create an eye-catching and attractive environment for your character to exist. We can even utilize your city, building or location to create landmark recognition within your market.


What you will receive:


  • Conceptualization, design and illustration of a custom character based on your specifications.
  • Custom background of your choosing.
    Utilizing environmental or architectural elements depicting your location and structure OR a general theme based on the concept of your haunt or event.
  • Full color and specifically adjusted B&W versions of the final art in extremely versatile, print industry standard, fully layered Adobe Photoshop format. Character and background provided on their own separate layers allowing for easy repositioning of the elements into ANY design or format (i.e. horizontal, vertical, square, etc.) Character can also be isolated from background for simplified and smaller applications such as websites, T-shirts, display ads, etc.

The versatility of these files will allow you to design EVERYTHING from websites and business cards to billboards and posters with ease.

Contact us today to discuss the logo that fits your needs and your budget.




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