Professional Stock Haunted House & Halloween Advertising Imagery

Professional Stock Haunted House & Halloween Advertising Imagery




Opening a new haunted event?… in a time crunch and need something amazing now... or just working on a slim budget?
Limited capital can definitely delay your plans of world domination, but if you're looking to stay in business, don't let your profits come up D.O.A. at the hands of amateur advertising. We can help you to instantly super-charge your promotional campaign with our high-end, professional haunted event marketing artwork leased on a per-year basis. Market proven with superior detail, this imagery will increase attendance and won't empty your coffers.


  • Larger crowds & profits
  • More supportive corporate sponsors
  • Increased media visibility
  • Affordable yearly leases
  • Ideal for start-ups and limited budgets
  • Available for immediate use
  • Single year and multi-year leases available

Come and see what the biggest names in Halloween have known for years. Professional advertising is the key to media attention, more supportive sponsors and bigger profits. And with Brainstorm Design Group professional stock imagery, every haunt , no matter the size, can afford that peace of mind.

Each image is strictly limited to one license per market, so license yours while it is still available in your area!
Images now available for 2015 reservations.

Contact us today for pricing information and to see the complete line.