"My first novel, The Wide Game, sold 50 books the first month it was out and I should get my second royalty check this month. I have no idea what the actual numbers are, but judging from reader responses and the numbers I do have access to, it has been selling very, very well. And I have Brainstorm Studios incredible work on the cover art and website to thank for it all! :) ... Again, I cannot say enough about Brainstorms work. You have elevated my novel and my website way beyond the competition and I have recommended you to several writers who have requested info on designers. I hope we can build on our existing relationship. I would be honored to work with you again on this and future projects! Thank you for your time."
Michael West
Author of "The Wide Game"
"Brainstorm Studios: I was shocked that no other graphic design firms threw their hat into the ring to compete with these guys, but it probably wouldn't have mattered. Their stuff is fantastic! It was very much in evidence at the show: In the slick booth of John Burton's new high powered design firm Bad Dreams, on the tee shirts of every third haunter walking the aisles. They, like Ex Mortis, had to turn away business, a good problem to have!"
Haunted Attraction Magazine
Transworld '99 Article: by Ben Armstrong of Netherworld Haunted House
"You are soooo awesome!!!!!!! I just love it. Wow! Amazing!! They are both terrific. It makes me want to go see this thing whatever it is! Thank you so much for such an outstanding job. I could never come up with such artistic creative work. I really do thank you. You went above and beyond for me and I really am surprised how good it turned out."
Dale Turner
Tombstone Ghosts & Legends, Tombstone, AZ
"Thank you! Again, awesome job--we love it all."
Grace M. Marcoux
Winnekenni Foundation, Inc.
"YOU GUYS KILL IT WITH THE ARTWORK! I freaking love you & Doug and would open a vein for you both."
Shannon Boyles
Marketing Consultant - I Scream Factory
"Now that's what I'm talking about. You guy's rock..... You are dead on with what I pictured.... I really really like it..... Thank you so much.... :)"
Bob Nordquist
Pure Terror ScreamPark
"I do not know what to say. Words enough will never ever express to you how I feel about this ad. I will tell you that I actually have tears in my eyes and that is NO lie. You guys went above and beyond what an ad company does, and I am so thankfull. This ad is breath taking, and I know this will put me on top of my market. I look forward to future business with your company."
Pete Kolomuchik
A Nightmare On Hell Street, Canton, OH
"Thank you for making my first experience with a professional graphics company a pleasurable one! Thank you for going the extra mile to make it perfect!"
Theresa Vissers
Darkside Displays, AZ
"I just checked out the proof you sent. What can I say, you guys are truly the best in the business! We are extremely happy with the layout. I cannot thank you guys enough for quick response to our request."
Mike Philbrook
Little Monster Productions Inc., Andover, MN
"I want to thank you all sincerely for your patience, skill and outstanding professional service. I knew what I wanted and your poster exceeded my expectations. For our first year producing a Halloween Hayride, your expertise certainly played a critical role in our huge success. It was evident that the image had a powerful impact and it simply brought out the youthful excitement everyone feels about Halloween! It was really easy to approach people confidently with your professional, great looking poster in hand."
Cynthia Kerr
Halloween Hayrides at Scareboro Downs