"It is safe to say that we got most if not all of our sponsors because of your artwork which sold our event for us."
Randall Carnell
Nightmares Entertainment, Syndey, British Columbia
"Haunting Concepts, New Jersey"
Al Stromer
Nightmares Entertainment, Syndey, British Columbia
"For the first time in our attractions existence (10 years) we sold out every night BEFORE the doors even opened, we paid for our graphics investment in less than an hour and a half."
Ron Ambruster
The Ride Of Terror, Mullica Hills, NJ
"The money we spent with Brainstorm Studios was the best investment we made. McDonald's and Domino's both CAME TO US to propose valuable sponsorship deals after they saw our posters up on the front marquee."
James Vale
Terror Through Time, Chicago, IL
"Our attendance had leveled off over the years prior to using Brainstorm Studios, but the first season we used their artwork our numbers went up 41% across the board, the only thing we changed was the advertising and we were blown away.""
Jim Schopf
Field Of Screams, Lancaster, PA
"WELL DONE! Super job - you guys create horror magic!"
David Bertolino
Spookyworld, Boston, MA
"Thanks for all the hard work you put into making our image - it really looks fantastic!"
Billy Messina & Ben Armstrong
Netherworld, Atlanta, GA
"Just Wanted to say that we really, really like the logo for Graveyard Production. We are very happy with it. I have been looking at it all day and think it is awesome!!!"
Paul Boyd
Graveyard Productions, Inc.
"The first season we used Brainstorm Studios we raised $22,000 for Juvenile Diabetes, (the previous 6 years combined we had raised a total of $24,000) We directly attribute this dramatic rise in attendance and profits to our new imagery and the impact it brought to our advertising campaign. Our main sponsor, Ames Department Store, was so impressed with amount raised that they scheduled a major news conference (local television and radio) to present the check to the foundation, invaluable FREE advertising."
Steve Gibson
The Haunted Graveyard, Naugatuck, CT
"Just a quick note to thank you once again for the terrific job you did for me at Halloween."
Kenny Van Streader
Terrortown, Defiance, Ohio