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For over three decades Brainstorm Design Group has been the preeminent graphic design, illustration, web design and digital resources company in the world specializing in the Halloween, Horror and entertainment industries.

Established in 1992, Brainstorm instantly revolutionized Halloween and Haunted House advertising by single handedly reimagining and modernizing the way Halloween was presented and sold to the public. This public-image “facelift” helped increase the popularity of Halloween and helped to shape our favorite holiday it into the colorful, vibrant and profitable celebration that we enjoy today.

Since then our work has become synonymous with Halloween and Horror Americana, and every year it is appreciated by millions of people around the world, and millions of dollars change hands thanks to the confidence and excitement that our unique style and craftsmanship creates.

Starting with exceptional artwork & design that touches the soul of even the most casual Halloween enthusiast, our mission is always to excite and motivate people through effective branding, advertising and promotional materials that will maximize public attention, image, corporate sponsorship appeal, attendance and profits for our clients.

With our creativity, knowledge and strategic involvement you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands and that it will ultimately represent your event/company exactly the way you need it to. With Brainstorm in your corner you have the ultimate advantage and a time tested business ally.

Don’t miss out. Discover why the biggest names in the industry utilize Brainstorm Design Group.

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