"I've got to tell you, out of all the people I deal with, to do all the things we do, you guys are by and far the most professional, punctual, and easiest group of people to work with. By the way - cursed artwork - HOLY FREAKING CRAP this is the coolest thing you have ever made!!!"
Jon Love
House of Torment Haunted House
13th Floor Haunted House


"Brainstorm has really hit the mark on our website. It has all the functionality we wanted plus the look and feel of a very professional site. Their communication has been great!"
Karl Fields
Pirates of Emerson


"Thank you again so much for everything. It is so refreshing dealing with people so professional and talented! We really appreciate it!"
Ross Karpelman
House Of Shock, New Orleans, LA


"Thanks. I really appreciate your quick action on this! Your company is one of the few in this industry that gets the job done."
Randy Bates
The Bates Motel


"I have one word, Un fricking believable!!! That is awesome! It is settled, even when you retire and are 90 at home, you still gotta do your magic, I don't think anyone could do better work than you guys! Thanks again very very much! You guys ARE the BEST!!!"
Randall Carnell


I think….I’m going to have a heart attack it is so motherfuggin beautiful!!!!!
Bret Locke
The 7th Door Escape Adventures


"Thank you so much! It turned out amazing as always, you guys have got this down to a science!"
Nick Francis
Digital Marketing Agency


"The crew at Brainstorm Design have been nothing short of AMAZING! Incredible creative, super responsive, very timely, and affordable."
HellScream Entertainment


Whoever said you guys were great was wrongYOU ARE THE BEST DESIGN FIRM OUT THERE!!!!
Chicken Dan
The Haunted Chicken House


"Everyone is just blown away! We LOVE it!!!"

Here is some of the feedback quotes from the team for your reading enjoyment:

Wow, LOVE the Denver backdrop FanF**KINGTastic! (sorry for the language, but that's what my husband said!)
Love the chain link fence in the logo!
Awesome graphics!
I am so happy!!!
The cars look just like the ones in our haunt. Man, that is so awesome!!
Love the HELP sign, brilliant!
We cannot say enough how impressive and awesome this is. You guys are genius!!!!
Tracie Major
Haunted Concepts


"I just wanted to send a quick email letting you guys know how much I love our new artwork you did for FOS. As their graphic designer it has been so great to work with the art you created for us. It has been so easy to incorporate into almost every job that comes across my desk and has really worked out well for me."
Andrea Schopf
Field of Screams


"FYI, thanks again....that was super quick and I used it right away. I know all the great Physicist's say that nothing is faster than the speed of light... But they never met Chuck Rains."
Rob Kocher
The Village of Darkness


"Wow... everything looks great... You guys are the best. The company that is printing up my banners can't stop telling me how good you guys are and how they've never seen a logo so detailed. Thanks Doug and if you guys are going to be at transworld this year steak dinner is on me...."
Bob Nordquist
Pure Terror ScreamPark


"If there was more people like you, the planet would be so much better!!! The banners are AWESOME!!! Thanks again- Love Em !!!"
Jean Sockness
Nightmare Hallow Scream Park


"WOW! I am so blown away by the awesome work you guys do. Really really cool. Thanks so much. I can't wait to get this thing to my printer and have some shirts made up. This is going to look great on my staff. Thanks again."
Kip Polley, B.S. MfgE, CMfgT
Pale Night Productions, L.L.C.


"Bad ass!!! Love it Chuck, you are the magic man!"
Tony Wohlgemuth
Kersey Valley, SpookyWoods


"Looks awesome!!! I know I should have come to you guys first. Thank you so much!"
Donna Wohlgemuth
Kersey Valley, Spookywoods


"FANTASTIC!!! Brainstorm out does themselves again!!! Doug you guys just rock!!! They both look so badass."
Stewart Strickland
Folklore Haunted House & Sleepy Hollow Prod.


"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! We love it. We so appreciate you working with us. Can't even describe how well you have captured what we do. It is amazing."
Jeff & Denise Johns
Lonesome Valley Farms


"If you ever need a logo, posters, or animated banner made, check out Brainstorm Studios. They created my logo a few years ago, then created my new Costume Vixen logo for our other site, and just this past week Doug whipped up a very cool animated banner for me. They specialize in doing awesome logos for haunts. I can't say enough positive things about these guys. I have never been disappointed... quite the opposite. Everything they do I am just thrilled with, and it's done at reasonable prices."
Nancy Cote


"Brainstorm always delivers! Our clients are always commenting on the look of our point-of-sale materials, catalogs, and packaging. Brainstorm has not only helped us create great marketing pieces but has also become an integral part in defining our company's image."
Edward Douglas
Midnight Syndicate


"I got it to download the first time just had to close and reopen. Well its about as close as you could have got!!! I have to say I love it!!!"
Shane Dabbs
Greystone Manor


"I wasn't sure if I sent you guys an email yet or not about the new Hustonville Haunted House logo you did for us... We were up 22% this year! I credit the logo for most of the increase."
Greg Walker
Hustonville Haunted House


"Brainstorm Studios makes dreams come true! You have taken Spookywoods to a new level with your amazingly talented staff. For many years I have wanted to have artwork that blows away the competition even more than our haunt and you have made it happen. Once this gets out as our new website and posters why would anyone want to open a haunt near us? LOL"
Tony Wohlgemuth
Spookywoods, Kersey Valley


"Thank you very much for your help with everything that you have done and that you will be doing. You guys do great work and respond quickly. I really appreciate it because it makes my job easier at this very stressful time. I wish there were more people out there as professional and reliable as you guys."
D.R. Finley
Jekyll & Hyde Entertainment Group


"All I can say is incredible!!! I should have went with you guys from the beginning! Very impressed!"
Al Stromer
Haunting Concepts


"My first novel, The Wide Game, sold 50 books the first month it was out and I should get my second royalty check this month. I have no idea what the actual numbers are, but judging from reader responses and the numbers I do have access to, it has been selling very, very well. And I have Brainstorm Studios incredible work on the cover art and website to thank for it all! 🙂 ... Again, I cannot say enough about Brainstorms work. You have elevated my novel and my website way beyond the competition and I have recommended you to several writers who have requested info on designers. I hope we can build on our existing relationship. I would be honored to work with you again on this and future projects! Thank you for your time."
Michael West
Author of "The Wide Game"


"Brainstorm Studios: I was shocked that no other graphic design firms threw their hat into the ring to compete with these guys, but it probably wouldn't have mattered. Their stuff is fantastic! It was very much in evidence at the show: In the slick booth of John Burton's new high powered design firm Bad Dreams, on the tee shirts of every third haunter walking the aisles. They, like Ex Mortis, had to turn away business, a good problem to have!"
Haunted Attraction Magazine
Transworld '99 Article: by Ben Armstrong of Netherworld Haunted House


"You are soooo awesome!!! I just love it. Wow! Amazing!! They are both terrific. It makes me want to go see this thing whatever it is! Thank you so much for such an outstanding job. I could never come up with such artistic creative work. I really do thank you. You went above and beyond for me and I really am surprised how good it turned out."
Dale Turner
Tombstone Ghosts & Legends, Tombstone, AZ


"Thank you! Again, awesome job--we love it all."
Grace M. Marcoux
Winnekenni Foundation, Inc.


"YOU GUYS KILL IT WITH THE ARTWORK! I freaking love you & Doug and would open a vein for you both."
Shannon Boyles
Marketing Consultant - I Scream Factory


"Now that's what I'm talking about. You guy's rock..... You are dead on with what I pictured.... I really really like it..... Thank you so much.... :)"
Bob Nordquist
Pure Terror ScreamPark


"I do not know what to say. Words enough will never ever express to you how I feel about this ad. I will tell you that I actually have tears in my eyes and that is NO lie. You guys went above and beyond what an ad company does, and I am so thankful. This ad is breath taking, and I know this will put me on top of my market. I look forward to future business with your company."
Pete Kolomuchik
A Nightmare On Hell Street, Canton, OH


"Thank you for making my first experience with a professional graphics company a pleasurable one! Thank you for going the extra mile to make it perfect!"
Theresa Vissers
Darkside Displays, AZ


"I just checked out the proof you sent. What can I say, you guys are truly the best in the business! We are extremely happy with the layout. I cannot thank you guys enough for quick response to our request."
Mike Philbrook
Little Monster Productions Inc., Andover, MN


"I want to thank you all sincerely for your patience, skill and outstanding professional service. I knew what I wanted and your poster exceeded my expectations. For our first year producing a Halloween Hayride, your expertise certainly played a critical role in our huge success. It was evident that the image had a powerful impact and it simply brought out the youthful excitement everyone feels about Halloween! It was really easy to approach people confidently with your professional, great looking poster in hand."
Cynthia Kerr
Halloween Hayrides at Scareboro Downs


"It is safe to say that we got most if not all of our sponsors because of your artwork which sold our event for us."
Randall Carnell
Nightmares Entertainment, Syndey, British Columbia



"For the first time in our attractions existence (10 years) we sold out every night BEFORE the doors even opened, we paid for our graphics investment in less than an hour and a half."
Ron Ambruster
The Ride Of Terror, Mullica Hills, NJ


"The money we spent with Brainstorm Studios was the best investment we made. McDonald's and Domino's both CAME TO US to propose valuable sponsorship deals after they saw our posters up on the front marquee."
James Vale
Terror Through Time, Chicago, IL


"Our attendance had leveled off over the years prior to using Brainstorm Studios, but the first season we used their artwork our numbers went up 41% across the board, the only thing we changed was the advertising and we were blown away."
Jim Schopf
Field Of Screams, Lancaster, PA


"WELL DONE! Super job - you guys create horror magic!"
David Bertolino
Spookyworld, Boston, MA

"Thanks for all the hard work you put into making our image - it really looks fantastic!"
Billy Messina & Ben Armstrong
Netherworld, Atlanta, GA


"Just Wanted to say that we really, really like the logo for Graveyard Production. We are very happy with it. I have been looking at it all day and think it is awesome!!!"
Paul Boyd
Graveyard Productions, Inc.


"The first season we used Brainstorm Studios we raised $22,000 for Juvenile Diabetes, (the previous 6 years combined we had raised a total of $24,000) We directly attribute this dramatic rise in attendance and profits to our new imagery and the impact it brought to our advertising campaign. Our main sponsor, Ames Department Store, was so impressed with amount raised that they scheduled a major news conference (local television and radio) to present the check to the foundation, invaluable FREE advertising."
Steve Gibson
The Haunted Graveyard, Naugatuck, CT


"Just a quick note to thank you once again for the terrific job you did for me at Halloween."
Kenny Van Streader
Terrortown, Defiance, Ohio


"Brainstorm's good, Brainstorm's great, let us thank them for our food."
John Denley
Boneyard Productions


"Thanks for a superb presentation of the article I wrote for Haunted Attraction Magazine. I've had many good comments about it. Y'all do fantastic and creative work."
Drew Hunter
Sally Corporation


"Thanks again for all the awesome work."
John Burton
Master Of Horror


"I just wanted to start off by saying we are absolutely speechless about the artwork. You have more than met our hopes and expectations. This is top notch work that is unparalledled to anything we have seen out there."
Paul Gisch
DarkMatter Productions